Thursday, 11 February 2010

DP2 Challenge

I have just discovered digital downloads. What a fantastic idea. Over on Mo's Challenge Blog there is the opportunity to make a card using Red, White and Pink and of course a digital download. There is also a link to Mo's store where you can buy from a wide selection of beautiful images. Here is my entry.

Hugs Hayley X

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2Sketches4u Challenge

I have been slightly side-tracked by a card challenge from 2sketches4you. It is based upon a sketch that they provide, The winner of Card of the Week will win a variety of really cool pens from Sakura. Deadline for this challenge is 13 February. So go on have a go! Here is my entry.

Hugs Hayley X

Making a Light Box

I just needed to leave this link on my blogg. I have real problems taking good pictures of my cards so that they appear clear. I've tried placing them on the window sill, in the conservatory even had my head stuck underneath a sheet . (Don't laugh someone advised me to do it ...not to sure if she was serious now I think about it) Found this idea on Jens paper cuts and I am now off to find some boxes - I knew that sheet would come in handy!

Hugs Hayley

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wey Hey!!! I have finally worked out how to add 'stuff' to my blogg. That's not strictly true. My partner worked out how to add 'stuff' to my blogg. (Thank you Graham)

I have taken a few days off of work (sinisitus, throat infection and ear infection made the decission for me) so hopefully there will be a regular stream of my work appearing. Check back regualarly. Have a fun day.

Hayley X